Edelrid Athlete Andy Reather Shares His Favorite Gear


Pro Profile:

Name: Andy Reather

Residance: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date of birth: 12-05-1984 POB: Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

Nation: USA

Family status: Unmarried

Occupation: Full- student, Climber, High Steel Rigger

Hobbies: reading, bolting routes, hiking

Andy’s Favorite Gear:

“Having worked with Edelrid for six years or so I have had the opportunity to see their products change and improve over the years. Along with that I have also been able to try many of the products available in their line.There are two products in particular that I really find myself using and abusing on a day to day basis.

The rope that comes to the crag with me all the time rain or shine is the Swift 8.9mm. It may seem super thin for projecting, and it may well be. However, for me this rope has proven to hold up to the most brutal beatings I can throw at it. Be it a huge whipper or dozens of mini working falls it usually takes me 2-3 full seasons of constant use before I even have to chop off any length. If lightness and extreme durability are what is required then the Swift is what I use.













The other item that always accompanies me to the crag is the Atmosphere Harness. This sport climbing harness is very light and durable. Whenever I wear the Atmosphere I almost forget it is there because of the precise comfortable fit.

Atmosphere Harness:













All of the Edelrid gear that I bring along with me has proven to be extremely well designed and durable, but when it comes to the gear I take with me nearly every day I almost always go for the Swift, and the Atmosphere.”

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