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In Boulder, Colorado, the fashion capital of the US (just kidding – we were once rated worst dressed), it’s perfectly acceptable to wear skin-tight bike shorts everywhere. In coffee shops, lunch joints, and breweries, bike clothes are ubiquitous. Although it’s accepted, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. We’ve found that it’s usually more fun to drink a beer after a long ride in cute clothes rather than having nothing between your nether regions and the big wide world except a thin piece of spandex. However, we are usually on the go, and changing isn’t always an option. Enter Club Ride. They’ve managed to make cycling gear that performs, but is also cool and stylish enough to go grab lunch and a beer in.

Perfect for: Commuting to work, a hiking date, a friend’s BBQ, Thursday night cruiser ride

Club Ride Queen Bee Jersey

I’ve found that many bike jerseys are a little aggressive. Aggressively loud colors, in your face logos, aggressive performance fit. The Queen Bee Jersey is a refreshing, feminine diversion from the traditional cycling jersey. With cute detailing, and fabric and fit similar to your favorite tee, the Queen Bee can transition from lunch date to long ride without a second thought. The Sheer2Dry™ poly-blend almost feels like cotton, but it’s breathable to keep you cool. The light color and pattern hides sweat stains, which keeps you looking put-together even when you’ve been out in the sun all day. I liked the delicate ‘vintage inspired’ floral pattern of the jersey along with the feminine cap sleeves and the front partial zip. The jersey also has semi-sheer side panels which add a flirty touch. As far as cycling performance goes, I also appreciated the large rear pockets in the back of the jersey. You can store your phone, keys and a snack with room to spare. Overall, the Queen Bee is the perfect ‘non-cycling jersey’ jersey, and looks good whether you’re commuting to work or going to happy hour with your girlfriends.

Club Ride Women’s Mountain Surf Shorts

The Mountain Surf shorts have become an essential summer staple for me, because their versatility is literally endless. Although they were designed for biking, their style was inspired by the traditional board short. Luckily, they perform just as well on the bike as at the beach. They do not have any padding built-in for cycling (which consequently makes them more versatile) but you can order a shammy from Club Ride that you can wear under the shorts. However, I found that a pair of shorty bike shorts fits under them easily and comfortably. The material on the Mountain Surf so light and stretchy, you barely feel it at all – which is a lifesaver on hot days. It is also quick-drying and wicking, which means no awkward sweat stains, and I found they resist wrinkling and look good after many wears. When you ride, they shorts don’t ride up (they have a 6-inch inseam), and the back is full-coverage, so you don’t have to adjust them or suffer ‘crack-attacks’.

These shorts are also great hiking companions because they are so light and comfortable. Since the fabric is stretchy, it doesn’t restrict motion which is helpful on steep and technical sections. (I can imagine that they would also be great to wear rock climbing as well). They also have a sneaky key compartment perfect for stowing your car key while you hike.

Lastly, the cute feminine cut and details on the Mountain Surf shorts help you feel confident and put together. They have a flirty patterned band around the top of the short to add visual interest and the deep purple color is very flattering. As far as the cut goes they are form-fitting without being tight or uncomfortable. They follow Marilyn Monroe’s golden fashion rule, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady [who climbs killer mountain roads].” As least, I think that’s how the quote goes. Either way, from summit to bar crawl, these are the perfect summer short.

Mallory is an avid cycler and marketer at Outdoor Prolink. She enjoys riding her road bike, drinking beer and being outside. 

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