ProView- Be Up Yoga and Activewear

Image: Cimber Aicacia Young wearing Be-Up

When we first caught wind of Be Up we were intrigued by their designs. They are stylish and fun, with pretty color combinations and fit. When we got our hands on the product we were also impressed with the quality of the fabric. But how do you tell if something that could successfully worn to a dance club (at least in our opinion) performs outdoors? You take it outside, and get it sweaty and dirty.

Our tester has been wearing three pieces from Be Up for the past few months. These are her conclusions:

The Circuit Bra

This Circuit is the perfect bra for women who hate sports bras. Common complaints about sports bras: constricting, uncomfortable, not modest enough, ugly. The Circuit manages to avoid all these traditional sports bra pitfalls. It’s made from stretchy Nylon material and has bright-colored stitching and a double cross back that provides structure without being too tight or uncomfortable. Plus, its mesh and moisture-wicking nylon helps manage sweat. The padding insert provides complete modestly and adds some structure to the bra. The peek-a-boo color, double cross back and colorful mesh add visual interest. This cute and supportive bra is perfect for a hiking date, running outside on a hot day, or the gym.

The Rollover Capri

The Rollover Capri’s material is amazing. The Nylon Performax has membranes that transport water molecules to the surface where they dissolve, but the pores are too small to let rainwater penetrate them keeping you dry when it’s wet out. Our tester took them backpacking this august and to hot yoga classes. She stayed dry and comfortable on the trail, even in sweltering heat, and came out of hot yoga looking dry and put together. These pants also made surprise rainstorms NBD. Also, about 5-10 minutes after the hot yoga class, the rollover capri was completely dry. Plus, this Carpri is a compression garment so it allows better dispersion of lactic acid, which as you know, reduces muscle stress and recovery time after exercise. Be-Up claims it also increases blood micro-circulation, improves skin elasticity, and reduces cellulite (sweet!) Also, the Capri hits on the perfect part of the lower leg so that it doesn’t ride up, and the rollover material on the top of the Capri adds visual interest and extra structure.

The Piping Pants

There are two camps of women out there: those that believe that leggings can be worn as pants, and those that beg to differ. The piping pant is perfect for someone who is on the fence. It has all the nice features of leggings (soft, stretchy, comfortable, no buttons or zippers) but has some mock pants features like pseudo pockets and tapering. With the attractive fit and style of these leggings, no one is going to care that you are rocking them like pants. The material is light, silky, and gives plenty of freedom of movement while still holding its shape. It’s also very breathable. Although it didn’t dry quite as quickly as the Rollover Capri after a hot yoga class, the extra breathability was very nice hiking in the mid-day august heat. We can also imagine that this pant would kill it rock climbing. These pants even look good with a nice wrap or sweater beyond the yoga studio or the great outdoors.

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