So You Want to Start Snowshoeing?

The how-to you didn’t know you needed 

As winter begins to blanket the world in a shimmering coat of snow, the call of the great outdoors becomes an irresistible melody. If you’re ready to step off the beaten path and explore the winter wonderland that awaits, but you’re not interested in skiing or snowboarding, then snowshoeing might just be the adventure you’re seeking! In this beginner’s guide to snowshoeing, we will navigate the basics of snowshoeing, from choosing the right gear to mastering the art of traversing beautiful snow-covered landscapes.

So buckle up, strap on your snowshoes, and let’s get started! 

Gear Up for Success 

The first step in your snowshoeing journey is gearing up with the essentials. Start with quality snowshoes— your trusty companions for navigating through deep snow. Choose a pair that suits your weight and the type of terrain you plan to explore.

A few other items you’ll want to consider for this adventure: 

Comfort is paramount while snowshoeing! It’s about having fun, remember?

Picking the Right Trail 

Snowshoeing opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to your trail selection. Beginners may want to start with well-marked, flat trails to get a feel for the sport. Many towns will have designated groomed trails that are appropriate for beginners. Ask around at your local gear shop if there are any trails like this near you! As you gain confidence and skill, you can graduate to more challenging terrain, including hills and backcountry trails. Consider bringing ski polls if you’re going to do a more challenging adventure. If you’re more comfortable with resort life, many ski resorts also offer dedicated snowshoeing trails, providing a perfect blend of accessibility and natural beauty. 

Mastering the Technique 

Snowshoeing is known for its simplicity, making it an ideal winter activity for beginners. The basic technique involves lifting your knees slightly with each step to prevent the snowshoes from dragging. It’s akin to walking, so there’s no steep learning curve. Take your time to get accustomed to the movement, and soon you’ll find yourself gliding across the snow effortlessly. If you find yourself sinking into the snow and you are unable to lift your legs easily out to move forward, then you might have snowshoes that are too small! Snowshoes work mostly by weight, not size, so you’ll want to check with your local gear shop to see which shoes are right for you! 

Safety First 

While snowshoeing is a relatively low-risk activity, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Dress in layers to regulate body temperature, and always carry essentials like water, snacks, and a map. If you are sweating too much, remember that once your sweat cools it will bring your body temperature down significantly. Be mindful of weather conditions, and let someone know about your planned route and estimated return time. Familiarize yourself with basic navigation skills, and consider taking a beginner’s snowshoeing class or going with an experienced friend for added confidence. 

Enjoy the Scenery 

One of the greatest joys of snowshoeing is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the winter landscape! Whether it’s the serenity of snow-covered forests or the breathtaking views from a mountain summit, take the time to appreciate the beauty around you. Capture the moments, breathe in the crisp winter air, and revel in the tranquility that snowshoeing offers. Remember that once the snow melts, you’ll have to wait another year to get back out there! 

Snowshoeing is not just a winter activity; it’s a journey into the heart of nature’s frozen beauty. As you embark on your snowshoeing adventure, remember to embrace the simplicity, savor the stunning scenery, and relish the sense of freedom that comes with each step. So, gear up, find your favorite trail, and let the snowy landscapes become the canvas for your winter escapades! 

Happy snowshoeing!

Cover Photo Credit: Kaya Lindsay

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